Rame Cromo Zirconio
Chemical Composition % Description
Cr 0,5-1,2
Zr 0,.040-0,200
Cu resto
Material is provided with Certificate of Compliance
By forging dripped and lathe cut ingots, we are able to extract metal products weighing between 10 and 300 kg inclusive. Alloy undergoes a hardening heat treatment and it is therefore recommended that the recrystallization temparature NOT be exceeded during the metalworking process in order to ensure that mechanical properties are not compromised.
Products Applications
• Forged and drawn round, square and flat bars
• Roller mandrels
• Alloy particularly useful for welding coated sheet metal and ferrous materials
• Discs and rings for roller welding
Mechanical properties Standards and Benchmarks
Hardness HBW 2,5/62,5 120-160*
Electrical conductivity.. IACS% 82-88*
Ultimate strength N/mm2 350-480
Recrystallization temparature 450°-480°
Extension A% 18-21
Yield point N/mm2 210-320
*Only these references have contractual value
UNI-EN 12165
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